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Palm Area:

Here you are a my little collection of coloured icons for the DateBK5 application by PimlicoSoftware.
Perhaps you can find this archive also in the DateBK5 distribution, but is possible that here you can find more updated files for this collection.

All collections are free to copy and use, just don't include any of these icons in any commercial collection. Maybe you can send me your impressions and/or suggestions for future improvements.


[Ubi Icon Collection - 2004.04.19]

Here you are the new 2004 collection. In 2003 I purchased a Tungsten T3, so the collection needed a restyling mainly for high resolution. You can notice that there are also old 2002 icons, but a little enhanced. This is because I constantly add and enhance the only collection I use in everyday life.
Download 2004 collection
(high resolution icons)
(low resolution icons)


[Ubi Icon Collection - 2002.05.25]
  This is the first collection I released.
Download 2002 collection