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SpaceSniffer features

Why another disk scanning utility?

I must admit, in past years I looked for long time to a quick and easy way to analyze my disks space occupation. Found many products, some free some commercial but I never accustomed to anyone of them. It's only a matter of taste but... since my work is not to analyze disk space all the day, for this annoying task I wanted a software that does not need to be re-learned every time I run it. Everything should be directly accessible. In my opinion, if I wonder what is the meaning of a button, then that button should be removed. This is the need that urged me to program SpaceSniffer.

SpaceSniffer tries to be intuitive. Moreover it has some graphical effects. Maybe people think they're useless. I think they help to understand what's happening. The zoom in/out effect for instance helps me to understand where i'm going. The blinking effect helps me understand what has been just scanned or what has changed under my eyes. I found them useful for me, and hope they can be useful for others.

Obviously, it's a matter of taste. Sure there are people that cannot live without complex statistical functions and so. Maybe SpaceSniffer is too simplistic for them. But, if you don't have much time to recover free disk space you'll like a minimal interface.

Please don't misunderstand: minimal interface does not mean simple program. The smart caching engine of SpaceSniffer is designed to permit navigation even during the scan process. More views can be opened on the same disk with different filters and different navigation paths, and a single scan will be performed. If the file system changes then SpaceSniffer reflects those changes even during a scan operation. In my opinion, the complexity of an application must not be visible to the user. Everything should appear simple and obvious. This is the target in the develop of SpaceSniffer.

So, there is plenty of disk analysis tools over the internet, each one has his own features and his own dignity. I hope that SpaceSniffer can be accepted for what it is: simple way to free space with minimum time expense.

There is a lot of room for improvements: suggestion are welcome, please contact me and send yours (my eMail here)

In few words:

Just... give it a try! Download here. Support here. Enjoy everywhere!

Thank you for reading. Umberto Uderzo.