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Tested on Windows 2000 XP Vista 7 8
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SpaceSniffer alternative download

Please note: Some people reported downloading issues using Internet Explorer 8 (corrupted Zip archive). This happened in first 2012 months. Please try downloading using some other browser. The reason of this strange behavior is still unclear. Hope this can be solved soon!

Release Package size Description Archive MD5 Archive SHA1
SpaceSniffer v1.3.0.2 1621 kb Release notes - 02/10/2016 7f47d50c449ee16a079c5787746dc790 1e2084ee231bfad262c58a91ed6f6b29cb0e270e

Previous releases

Release Package size Description Archive MD5 Archive SHA1
SpaceSniffer v1.3.0.1 1621 kb Release notes - 01/06/2016 1f28ba0b3fac31f779ee90fa3039e971 ea861ae1e7273b411d9da7630b80738bd5f0fab3
SpaceSniffer v1.3.0.0 1620 kb Release notes - 05/01/2016 bc1358e9c46e29c282104fbf20dc532a 88c67c3e37e59bfa0bd4c22d3a991521316df195
SpaceSniffer v1.2.0.2 1369 kb Release notes - 13/11/2014 4f4155eebc0aa0144014d76a0afcebdc 54f048e93fca961c9943f51309e83b05d9a8ab27
SpaceSniffer v1.2.0.1 1369 kb Release notes - 09/11/2014 713bf2b47ffe3c179d6138a3700557a3 1ac2f38f99f97fe57abef3cd69c3c667184a8e45
SpaceSniffer v1.2.0.0 1369 kb Release notes - 07/11/2014 e45258ceaea9fcf4eea070b3b815aefe d23ee993f50c94564aaea7189055e2c15faeb14a
SpaceSniffer v1.1.4.0 1501 kb Release notes - 07/02/2012 0b4daa63c752e87a15c37bb569c89047 65c53a0a8f6409d0772f051a33234e22183bfec4
SpaceSniffer v1.1.3.1 1450 kb Release notes - 16/05/2011 68011f702a76204512466de8948fe816 98e17d8df2af047b81d3f7859e97f7ca4b3c4523
SpaceSniffer v1.1.3.0 1450 kb Release notes - 23/01/2011 6e43a0bf020c1ec1227d993f3611c4fb c5045dd3adecd84433c25188791b930a9ffce02e
SpaceSniffer v1.1.2.0 1196 kb Release notes - 17/12/2009 29c7218c87859a450c9f5c15917a2000 f3c0315eee0d27acfeb9703762dc0b936770147d
SpaceSniffer v1.1.0.0 1176 kb Release notes - 26/06/2009 a19135dc651844038483c404562052f3 4c87b4b10129b2841888a721923a7b05a2dd9087
SpaceSniffer v1.0.4.0 863 kb Release notes - 08/05/2009 fee9feb97ab72383ff8c6a158014720d 6ef0e553086c88f152b2040249605cf0a95d43f6
SpaceSniffer v1.0.3.18 870 kb First public release - 18/04/2009 b39aeac7bca0c37aedfbc7965ec02d70 66b60f53a8cb7af3e75726d9dd289a22d03840a5